Australia submarine base


Australia will build submarines based on the US navy's latest design, the Virginia-class submarine. Manufactured by American defense company General Dynamics Electric Boat (GDEB), this submarine has gone through several iterations but is generally powered by a single nuclear reactor and can travel at more than 25 knots. Web.





the new future navy base will add capacity and capability to fleet base west in western australia, home of the navy's collins-class submarines, which will also receive significant funding to support australia's nuclear-powered submarines and enable regular visits from nuclear -powered submarines of the united states (us) and the united kingdom.

Dutton's op-ed also follows comments from Australia's new Defense Minister, Richard Marles, that the previous government's expectation that the country's first domestically-developed.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed yesterday that a submarine base would be built on Australia's east coast as part of the AUKUS partnership with the US and the UK. Port Kembla, Newcastle and Brisbane have been floated as possible locations for the base, but the ABC understands Wollongong is the Defence Department's preferred site.