Gordon gekko net worth

In the case of Gordon Gekko in the original Wall Street, he also wears all the best outfits. "Elegant f***-you clothing," is how the New York suit maker and style author Alan Flusser describes.

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The characters in Wall Street don't miss an opportunity to flaunt their accents, either — Gekko struts around with his leather and cloth suspenders on display, he wears a bold tie clip, and whenever he slaps his hand down on a table you get a look at his thousand-dollar cufflinks.. 3. Clean Lines. The remake fell a little short here (one of the many reasons it wasn't as popular as the 1987.




A man who all but holds the US stock market to ransom, Gekko has a line in dialogue - "What's worth doing is worth doing for money' - that's every bit as impressive as his range of suits. Little wonder then that small-time trader Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) falls at the feet of this financial lizard king. But while money itself mightn't.